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NF Weekly Event


Server :  All

NF Late Summer Event 'more n more!'
08. 12. 2011 00:00 PST ~ 09. 08. 2011 00:59 PST


PST 08. 12. 2011 00:00 PST ~ 09. 08. 2011 00:59 PST
EST 08. 12. 2011 03:00 EST ~ 09. 08. 2011 03:59 EST
GMT 08. 12. 2011 08:00 GMT ~ 09. 08. 2011 08:59 GMT
Server All Status Completed Views 6,177

Random Item Drop

Are you ready to receive EBB? Now, you can get EBB as long as you play. 
So, do not miss out this great chance!

A.    EBB will be randomly dropped. (Drop rate will limited to 15 EBBs/day from each server.)

B.    Lv.12 Elite Sailors will be randomly dropped.

Credit Boost 

If you need more sailors, recruit your sailors by NF trade system.

A.    You will get 50% more credits after battle in Saturday and Sunday only.

CV Event

Have you felt loneness because all others play BB? 
We have prepared a special event for CVs, hoping more players can enjoy CV.
We hope that it can also help to reduce the waiting time for all players.

CV players will get 50% more EXPs and credits.

B.    Item will be randomly dropped only if you play CV. 
       (Drop list includes: Expert increase +100, Vet increase +10, Premium Sailors and more.)

EXP + Vet Conversion rate Event

A.    Weekends only. (Saturday/Sunday)

B.    100% more vet conversion rate.

C.    30% more EXP bonus after each battle.

** Event starts from 8/12 00:00:01" Friday to 9/8 23:59:59" Thursday in PST.

** Exp, credit, item drop events are limited to: Great Battle, Great Battle2 and Blitzkrieg.

Prize See Above