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  • Update for SN BBs?

    06. 21. 2017 13:48 PST


Anyone have an update for the SN BB4 and BB5? all the posts i can find are years old, have anything changed with the range and dmg? and any update on what crew to have for BB4 and BB5? im not at BB4 with super elite BVE gunners and +11 and + engys, 5 of them and 3 + 11 reps, am i needing to change what crew i have? would be nice to know before they are all 100+


  • Re : Update for SN BBs?

    10. 11. 2017 13:00 PST


The BB set up is the same for all BB's if you BVE all your crew and do not use AA.

Run an escort. Get a Sonar man on board for sub spotting or use a DD FF but their detect reange is smaller.

5 On Ship: 1 Rep. 1 Extra gunner for Hedge Hogs. BO and 2 Gunners.

Off ship: 1 Scout. The rest are Engies. Yes the rest are Engineers.

The only other exception might be KM where you can run with 2 Reps because KM has really bad rep stats. Their engies are better so you get good engy stats there and can deal with one less engy.