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  • NavyField ® : Remastered

    04. 20. 2017 20:24 PST


...."A remastered edition of the game, preserves the gameplay of the original while adding support for ultra-high-definition graphics, SDEnterNET's modern online features, and re-recorded audio (soundtrack and sound effects)"...


 The topic call caught your eye, did not it? ...
 I'll tell you very clearly: I know you're gone, but I also know that you always return ... the old games are "remastering", the new ones in 3D every day become more "non-personal", more "Without purpose", more "disposable" ...


But you always come back...

The market goes away, the gameplay time of the game gets bigger ... and you..
always come back ...

A month goes by, a year goes by and you...
always come back ...


Confess ... confess .... you are a hater! ... but you...
always come back ...

Your blog is the flies ...

but you are here, among us..inflaming the masses ... but you...
always come back ...


( Please forgive me, but the hundreds of people who will read this know who they are, and who this target message is )


  • Re : NavyField ® : Remastered

    04. 21. 2017 06:03 PST


Good job and you hit me, the returnee, accurately. 

  • Re : NavyField ® : Remastered

    04. 21. 2017 12:12 PST


You are a Bloody Genius. Nuff said

  • Re : NavyField ® : Remastered

    04. 22. 2017 19:03 PST


well said john cheker

  • Re : NavyField ® : Remastered

    04. 24. 2017 00:10 PST


The blog hasn't had a post in over a year...

Nobody will be coming back once trade system is disabled...

The reason given for removing it is hilarious

There is a certain special someone who got 45 BB6s... 

  • Re : NavyField ® : Remastered

    05. 08. 2017 21:56 PST


Where is DUN DUN DUN sound effect when you need it?

  • Re : NavyField ® : Remastered

    05. 09. 2017 04:07 PST

Good updates are in the near future. I can promise you that. Just keep playing the game! Trust me Mr. Checker as well as the community!

  • Re : NavyField ® : Remastered

    05. 09. 2017 05:45 PST


......It seems a little bit different as old NF(the time before prem sailer and sailer stuff).

The saiiers LVL ,VENT and Exper sailer do not do much effect for the ship now.
And it become much difficult to get Vent sailer when you win battle. 
Is there  any detail talking  about sailer.

Alought NF make many change. 
I think it is the most funny Navy game ever.
Sever week ago I play NF2 and WOWS.
I found those game have good  3D picture.
But they do not have such kind of design for player decided what kind of technical way they using ships.