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  • about trade !

    04. 14. 2018 01:42 PST


I just came after some years ... and found trade is completely disabled !!

now they didn't informed us with mail at least .

i know many old good players have sailors borrow to friends or at safe accounts 

me as example have five lvl 120 fighters with 200 vet borrow them to friend of mine ... i buy last week a premuim CV for i was thinking i can get them back before i know the trade issue ... and NF wont even take the useless cv and give me my olive back !!!

we need trade to come back for like 1 week minimum and global anounce to all at the main site and in mails ... players who spend time and money deserve to have there items back


  • Re : about trade !

    04. 16. 2018 11:23 PST

1. We sent newsletter about trade was about to close 

2. We provided over 1 month for everyone to finish all the trades. 

We did our part, and it's players responsibility to pay attention to the changes of the game. 

Traditional trade will never ever gonna come back. Maybe in new form, but not in short term. End of story.