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  • Submarines, a new era of vulnerability!

    12. 14. 2016 19:05 PST

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I have returned to NF after a few years of absence. I have been always a fan of SS and enjoyed playing as such. After returning I just discovered rules of combat have dramatically changed for SS. In the past, naval mines were our biggest concern while submerged and it was a fair game but now, Hedgehogs!!

Any ship can destroy a submarine from distance as soon as you show on their sonar or you fire your first torpedo.

I do not understand how NF can maintain power balance in the game if every single ship mounts HH and target SS this way. It is like allowing a destroyer to mount large caliber guns and target BBs.

SS do not stand a chance no matter how long you crit dive they will get you and if you surface you will be fired at! HH became so widely used on every single ship and everyone has it. 

I am not sure if NF is planning to change this and restore balance again otherwise no wonder if this game is becoming less and less popular. 


  • Re : Submarines, a new era of vulnerability!

    12. 15. 2016 05:35 PST


You must have been gone a long while.
Yes hh are a pain for any ss but you can adapt. It is still easy to get 100k+ in any given battle if played right. Obviously the first thing is to avoid sonar. Without a sonar ship bb's cannot see you. My personal tactic is to engage other ss on my teams side of the map before venturing into enemy territory. Rushing across and attempting to attack enemy bbs is not a recommended strategy.
Stick with it. Pre determine where sonar ships and ss are before battle begins and during the course of the battle.
Good luck!

  • Re : Submarines, a new era of vulnerability!

    12. 15. 2016 10:04 PST


Submarine gameplay changes  2014/2016.


- When submerged repair rate is 70% lower then the true abilty.

- All submarines regardless tier and crew can CD the same amount of time. ( a ss1 with no crew can be in critfdive the same amount of time as a SS5.5 with 120 overvetted crew)

- HH explde faster or CD became slower as it is NOT possible anymore to CD on time when HH are shot from close range. ( I dont have my video edit program anymore so I cant tell for sure if its 1 or the other) is now not possible anymore.

- When you CD you have to do a complete stop to change back to submerged.

- Submarine Torpedos move slower.

- Sonar for surface ships got a huge buff.

I just played a few games since they unbanned the account I play on so there are possible some things I missed.

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    12. 15. 2016 14:38 PST


Thanks for the response and the updates, seems I missed alot! It was almost 5 years away!

I have tried many strategies to "adapt" however I still think the rules of combat for SS are unfair. There is a large number of ships mounting HH and usually more than one ship fire at you making it impossible to escape. if in the middle of the battle it is hard to even get to the "i" to CD before the HH explode not to mention the time needed to CD. One ship can hit you with a large number of HH at one time enough to destroy you X 10 while you need at least 15 torps to "actually hit" a large BB in order to see a visible damage. 

In conclusion, the instant explosion of HH, wide range, level of destruction and the fact that  any ship can mount HH is clearly unfair for SS and should be adressed by NF.

  • Re : Submarines, a new era of vulnerability!

    12. 15. 2016 15:45 PST


Maybe this helps.

1.Change your key bindings!

A - speed down

D- Speed up

S- Dive

W- critdive

2.Dont fight subs in enemy HH controll areas.This isnt always a option as plenty sub players just stay at the BB line.

3. when you shoot at BB shoot all torps at once and CD right after you fired to avoid being killed/cripled by undodgeble HH. This will give the BB the time to run so get as close as possible when you fire your first volley.

4. Set sound to extended (not sure about the name) in the options. Now sometimes you can hear enemy/ friendly sonar by a ping sound. This isnt reliable.

5. When Sonar+HH find you youre dead, accept it.

  • Re : Submarines, a new era of vulnerability!

    12. 19. 2016 18:59 PST


Thanks for all the tips.