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Patch and Maintenance


  • New changes for premium invitation

    08. 03. 2011 19:59 PST

Last year we introduced the premium invitation system for players who are willing to invite
their friends or families to the seas of Navy Field. A few changes have been made on the premium
invitation system, so check the following information for details.

Event ship list updated
The new MN/SN event ships and EBB3 of other nations have been added to the gift list. You can
receive an event ship if you have invited a friend, and he/she decides to play NF with a Premium
Subscription for 3 months.

The newly added ships are:
Borodino (BC/SN)
Danton (BC/MN)
Maryland (BB/USN)
Warspite (BB/RN)
Hyuga (BB/IJN)
O Project II (1942) (BB/KM)

Overall limit for event ship removed
The overall limit for event ships has been removed. Before, you could redeem only one event ship
per account even if you had invited more than 1 friend.

Free invitation card for everyone
Along with these changes, we have added 3 'free' invitation cards for everyone. (The premium invitation
system was limited for premium subscription players only.) Go ahead and use these invitations if you
have a friend who is interested in Navy Field. Just like the original rules, the cards won't stack over 5.
(Also, to prevent abusing cases a 1-month waiting period has been applied. If you invited your
friend today, and your friend has met the gift requirements within 1 month, you will have to wait
1 month from the day of invitation to receive your gift.)

**This changes will be applied after tonights maintenance (August 3rd).