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  • Meet the new Navyfield Community Website!

    06. 22. 2011 00:01 PST

Navy Field Community Website 2011 Remodel

It’s been a long time coming, but we are now proud to introduce you to the completely new Navy Field
Community Website! A lot of time and thought has been put into new features and optimizations which
we hope will provide all players, new and old, an enjoyable user experience. 

In order to accomplish this, we have created the site from the ground up. For previous users this
unfortunately means that previous web data will not transfer over. We appreciate your understanding
and hope you can see this as a fresh beginning.  

Before delving into the new NF Community Website, please read through this welcome guide for an
overview on new features such as the new Olive payment system, updated User Control Panel, and
improved Support features.

A Fresh New Paintjob

The new NF Community Website will greet you with a fresh design and new layout. Overall changes
have been made to improve upon ease of navigation, providing quick access to useful functions, and
resolving any past issues. We hope that you enjoy the new look!

Welcome Aboard!

All of the Navy Field information pages are completely revamped and filled with useful data for new
and old players alike. Browse through these pages for essential game details.

Advanced Telemetry and Navigation
A new User Control Panel located at the left of the site offers quick access to numerous settings and
features including:
-  New site attendance menu
- Contact Support ticket status
- Memo list (messages inbox)
- Buddy list
- General Account Settings
-  Olive payment management

Powered by Olives
With the launch of the new Navy Field Community Website, we are introducing Olives as the official
NF currency for all future NF store transactions. 

The use of the Olives system will allow a number of benefits. Since we offer services to players from 
all across the world, with Olives we can set a consistent value to items instead of using a single
specific currency. We can also use Olives as an efficient method for distributing prizes or rewards
such as with the new NF Attendance feature. Olives also assist with true “micro-transactions” by
limiting credit company related fees which in turn allow us to offer better values for our customers.
The Olives system is being implemented as a universal payment method for current and future
SD EnterNet products.

**Using Olives:
1) Obtaining Olives is very simple. Just click on the ‘Olive Info’ account heading and then select
‘Charge’ to purchase Olives for your account.
2) At the Olive Charge page you can select your preferred payment processor and then select the 
amount of Olives to purchase. Purchasing greater amounts of Olives provides increased savings.

 After completing your personal details, click ‘Charge’ to proceed to the previously selected payment
processor page to complete your transaction. Olives will then be available for use within the NF Store.

 While browsing the new NF Store you will notice all items now show an Olive amount required for
purchase. The total amount of Olives of items selected for purchase will be combined and then
subtracted from your account’s total Olive supply at Checkout.

Support is at Your Service Captain
An independent NF Support site has been created to help improve all aspects of support.
We look forward to providing helpful assistance with any issues that you may encounter.

**Improved Support Features:
- Streamlined support ticket submission process
- Ticket editing functions
- Improved file attachment
- Improved ticket status notification
- Ability to reply to support tickets

Strengthening the NF Fleet
We recognize that one of NF’s greatest strengths is the close-knit community of players who
share a passion for the game. With this in mind, we have worked on providing enhanced forum
capabilities along with improved fleet and friend systems.

**Improved NF Forum Features:
- All new text  formatting options
- Simple attachment use with hovering image ability
- Quote function
- Introducing Regional Forums for keeping in touch with local users
- Previous NF Forum archive

**Improved Clan Features:
- Players can now send fleet notices to all fleet members via PM
- Improved Fleet Ranking data
- Improved Fleet Event management

New Website Account Changes
As was noted in the introduction, when we set to create a completely new website there were
some types of data from the previous site that would have to be recreated. Although it may bring
about a slight inconvenience for previous users, we do believe that the changes were for the better.
We thank you for your understanding in this regard.

Some of the changes to expect:

1) Your Account ID, Password and Registered email will all still be valid. However, since the website
provides improved security, we recommend changing your password to a new one.
2) Your verification status will be changed to ‘Not-verified’. You will receive 10 free Olives by verifying
your email again.
3) All account statuses will remain including temporary/permanently suspended accounts and
sleeping accounts.

1) Web points will be reset and completely discontinued.
2) The period for purchased items (including Premium Subscriptions) will remain unaffected.
Previous purchase history will be viewable separately.

Website data
1) All forum articles will be reset. Old articles will be available to access separately.
2) All fleet data will be reset including fleet master / member list.
Fleet masters can contact the support team after verifying their email to register their fleet again.
3) Game related data including Rankings and Hall of Fame will remain unaffected.
4) All website data which is not listed (including PM, support history) will be reset. 

Ready to Set Sail

We hope that this short glimpse into the various updates to the NF Community Website will
allow players a seamless transition for using the new site. We put in great effort to provide our
beloved players an improved experience and we look forward to your visits!