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  • CV Gunners

    11. 02. 2012 08:38 PST


Is it worth leveling gunners for UK CVs?


I think I've read that AA gunners can use HH now, I'm not sure if thats true or not. Regardless, normal gunners or AA, is it worth it or should I just level something else in the T slots?


  • Re : CV Gunners

    11. 02. 2012 08:53 PST


Yes AA gunners can use HH.

While most of the time you should level more pilots on those gun slots you can use gunners as well.

A midway with pom poms is a sure fire way of lagging everyone looking in its general direction by the way.

Also remember that sonarmen do work on CVs so a prepared CV can be a nasty surprise for the sub.

  • Re : CV Gunners

    11. 02. 2012 12:30 PST


Do sonarmen work in all slots?

  • Re : CV Gunners

    11. 02. 2012 15:08 PST


I doubt it. I think he's support slot only.

  • Re : CV Gunners

    04. 01. 2017 04:20 PST


U.K. A.A. gunners lose their Guns ability at about level 110 (unlike other nations) and so they can no longer operate hedgehogs.