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  • Guide requests (updated)

    07. 13. 2011 22:29 PST

Welcome to the IJN section of the NF forums!

Since these forums are relitively new, and the guides on the old forums are mostly outdated, I'm looking forward to some new and up-to date guides on the IJN.

Specifically, I'm looking for the following guides to be made:

IJN crew making
IJN AA gunner classing
IJN BB play - Done by boom21
IJN Early ship guide (DD-CA)
IJN General FAQ - 
IJN SS guide - Done by cpl_stefan

I will be personally working on some of these as I have time in the near future (I'm quite busy right now with school and the up coming MN-SN, BB5 patches.)



  • Re : Guide requests (updated)

    07. 26. 2011 17:10 PST

I believe for simplicity sake crew making and AA classing could be put together.

With diagrams explaining why and all, the later could probably make a whole guide, but mostly the information can be summarized to a few paragraph without the calculations.

  • Re : Guide requests (updated)

    07. 26. 2011 19:13 PST

I'll make a guide about classing DP Gunners, when I get back home. It'll be short and sweet. Can you remind me who the OP was for Classing DP Gunners thread in the old forum, so I can use proper in-text referencing?



  • Re : Guide requests (updated)

    07. 26. 2011 19:50 PST

In text citations -_- Am I back in College English 101.

  • Re : Guide requests (updated)

    07. 26. 2011 21:17 PST

The IJN SS guide has been started, though progress has been slow.

  • Re : Guide requests (updated)

    08. 07. 2011 11:59 PST

Originally Posted by Boom21

In text citations -_- Am I back in College English 101.

Trying to make us believe you weren't snoring in the back of that class are ya?

  • Re : Guide requests (updated)

    10. 15. 2011 20:18 PST


I haven't moved everything over from the old IJN SS guide, but brought much of the essentials. Email me for any additions and I will try to make it as good as possible.


  • Re : Guide requests (updated)

    12. 12. 2012 07:10 PST


Is their still a need for guides? This thread is kinda old

  • Re : Guide requests (updated)

    12. 28. 2012 22:39 PST


Angus, I updated the SS guide considerably tonight.  There is still a lot of fluff, but it does contain some of the more traditional information up front so its easier to use.