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  • elite repairs for gunners MN

    10. 03. 2013 03:10 PST


g`day just want to know how to class my elite repair to make them good gunners to use for MN, also should i vet them expert them straight away, being from the eu server i never heard of this set up but thought i might give it a try. thanks in advance.


  • Re : elite repairs for gunners MN

    10. 03. 2013 13:32 PST


sorry don't have experience on this one, but i think you need to late class your gunners (staying it to arm sailor until highlevels) and you'll also need lots of vets and expert like 150 or more vets when you class him

  • Re : elite repairs for gunners MN

    09. 09. 2014 08:43 PST


Well, you would do that in order to have your whole crew reach the rep cap or save weight. You would leave the elite repair at UK sailor (not classed to any specific function like armament) until at least lvl 100.

So for having decent acc & rel while late-classing, you'll need to put on more than 200 vets. Oh, and it's advisable to put on vets as early as possible, as vet conversion success seems to be also dependent on sailor level.