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  • Please, the "BEST" RM AA gun?

    02. 22. 2014 19:37 PST


Which RM AA gun to use? I want reload, range, and damage! But I don't find any single RM AA gun meeting any of those standards. Your thoughts? Please tell me the BEST RM AA gun to use !


  • Re : Please, the "BEST" RM AA gun?

    02. 23. 2014 05:33 PST

I don't know much about it but I've noticed RM AA seems only effective in WAW for the reload, range is decent as well though I don't know what guns they're using

  • Re : Please, the "BEST" RM AA gun?

    02. 23. 2014 14:04 PST


Not worth to get. Level another eng or rep would be better. 

  • Re : Please, the "BEST" RM AA gun?

    04. 25. 2014 02:16 PST


Figured i'd answer the question seeing as I came looking for the answer then remembered i'd tested it out ^^ haha


The 5"/38 Mark 12 is the best. The ones that look like the US 5" guns everyone uses for AA.

The duals GA is something reasonable like 31 or thereabouts, but the singles are better at around 25 or thereabouts. Test it yourself to be sure. But make sure you have ridiculous reload on your gunners, BVE as much as you can manage, and maybe use gradual too.


However it is just about useable I found. It's no KM or IJN, but maybe another UK style lol. You can't spam AA effectively, but if you aim well you can one shot pretty much anything.