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Imperial Japanese Air Force and Naval Guide by Webster514

Table of Contents


      1.      Introduction

      2.      The Plane Types

      3.      Hybrids

      4.      Hosho Line

      5.      Junyo Line

      6.      Special Carriers

      7.      Hybrid Submarines

      8.      Updates/Revisions


Welcome the Imperial Japanese Carrier guide. This is a complete guide written through my personal experiences, knowledge and understanding. All of the setups I mention, I have personally tried myself unless otherwise stated so. I will discuss various gun and plane setups and you are free to experiment to your liking but I will note out the most efficient setup for each ship (Gun wise). Before I begin discussing the carriers, I will give you a brief description about the Japanese planes and carriers overall. You are now stepping into the largest nation for carrier selection in the entire game and the only nation being able to use Hybrid Light Cruiser, Heavy Cruiser, Battleship, and Submarines.

Disclaimer: To be able to use all the ships mentioned in this guide you will need a total of you will need a Submarine Operator in order to use the Hybrid Submarines. I will only cover Planes setups on the Submarine portion.

Since Japan has the largest selection of carriers, I will be dividing the guide into sections. Sorry about the length of the guide, there a lot of ships to cover and I went back and cut off unimportant corners to reduce the size of the guide.



The Planes

Overall Abilities – A Special ability given to the imperial Japanese is that they have the fastest planes for their tier of plane. Most of their plane’s speed is at par with USN but some planes are faster than USN planes. Japan has very maneuverable planes compared to other nations. Historically, their zeroes had a very good climb rate and turning rate.

Dive Bombers – Japan currently ranks 3rd amongst the highest damage output in the game. The Tier 1 Bomber for Japan would be the D1A1, A bi-plane granted at level 45. The D1A1 carries a bomb which causes 2,563 average damage output. The Tier 2 Bomber for japan is the D3A1, A plane which can be selected upon reaching level 75. This bomber is armed with a load that can cause 2,900 damage per bomb.

Torpedo Bombers – Japan currently ranks 5th amongst the highest damage for aircraft torpedo but 2nd in aircraft torpedo speed (KM being 1st in this area). Japan is also the only nation which has 3 different torpedo planes to choose from and the nation that grants the earliest access to Torpedo Planes. The first plane would be the M6A which can be acquired at level 33, which carries an aircraft torpedo that moves at 63 knots and causes 6,489 average damage. The second tier plane is the B5N1 which can be acquired at level 40. This plane also carries the same torpedo as the tier 1 plane  as mentioned above. The Tier 3 plane for Japan is the B6N2 which is unlocked at level 77. The B6N2 carries a new torpedo that moves at 58 knots and causes 9,875 average damage. Even though Japan does not have the strongest torpedoes, they can still cause significant damage to any ship that is not armored correctly.

Fighters – To Be Continued…



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IJN Oyodo


Level: 38

DP: 8,500

Cost: 157,500 + 94,500 Remodel Price = 252,000 Credits

Total/Support Slots: 8 Total slots (I will always include Operator)/4 Support

Aircraft Space: 1250

Take off: 5 Planes

Leveling Distance: 8 levels for Hosho, 12 for Mogami, 22 for Junyo.

Summary: This is the first ship you will encounter on your road to Carriers while on the Japanese line. This is the lowest level ship that can equip airplanes (Other than scouts) in the entire game. A remodel of the IJN Agano, this ship in theory will be the first ship you will use planes in. If you are leveling your sailors correctly, the only planes you can use on this ship are the tier 1 torpedo bombers. You will have to wait 2 levels to use fighters and 7 levels to use dive bombers (Dive bomber classes at level 45).  Mixing planes in this ship is not advisable due to the low aircraft space but you can do if you wish. Exercise caution of you are against other carriers, you can be killed by 2-3 dive bombers and/or +2 torpedoes, depending on your bulge armor. A lot (If not at all) of carriers know you launch planes and consider you a CV.

Guns Setups:

       AA Setups:

I.) If you have the gunners for it, you can never go wrong with (Level 38) Dual 4.7; On the R mounts you get 38 Binds or 1330 Shells. HH/Torpedoes on the T slots in case of Submarines or self-defense in blitz (Empty if you don’t have extra armament sailors)

II.) (Level 34) Dual 3/60 Type 98A on the R mounts give 62 binds or 2170 Shells. These can carry HE/AP also so you can add ammo on the B Locker.

III.) (Level 58) Triple 6.1 Type 3A; These give 9 binds or 450 Shells

IV.) If you prefer AA guns on the T slots, here you go. (Level 34) 3/60 Type 98A on T slots give 32 Binds or 1120 Shells. Remember to put HH if you are going into GB.

V.) (Level 38) Dual 4.7 On T Slots give out 16 Binds or 560 Shells

    Offensive Setups:

I.) This will be a bit different depending on you gunner levels, your play style, and if you are leveling pilots on the gunner slots, the outcomes are very different and I will only cover 1 setup, ASW Setup. HH on all R slots give out 25 binds or 125 HH shells. HH on T slots have enough space for 12 binds or 60 shells.

Fighter only: 20 Tier 1 Fighters; 15 Tier 2 Fighters; 12 Interceptors

Dive Bomber only: 12 Tier 1 Bombers

Torpedo Bomber only: 15 Tier1 Bombers; 15 Tier 2 Bombers

Mixed: I do not recommend a mixed setup on this ship if you have the pilots for it.


IJN Mogami (1944)


Level: 50

DP: 11,400

Cost: 550,000 + 449,600 Remodel = 999,600 Credits

Total/Support Slots: 9 Total slots, 5 Support Slots

Aircraft Space: 1450

Take off: 5 Planes

Leveling Distance: 10 Levels for Junyo, 23 for Ise (1943).

Summary: The second hybrid in the Imperial Japanese navy, the Mogami is a small improvement from the Oyodo. Allowing you to have an extra 200 airplanes space, larger gun space, 1 extra gun mount, improved durability and an extra support slot. By this level, you should be able to use any airplane type you want although only tier 1 and you should also be able to use the Tier 2 torpedo bombers. Besides being 5x as expensive as the Oyodo, the Mogami is longer and slower and being able to carry a few more planes. This hybrid is not recommended unless if you are going to use the Junyo. I highly do not recommend using this ship to reach the Ise Hybrid.

Gun Setups:

I.) The same as Oyodo with the exception that you can hold more ammo on this ship.

Fighter only: 24 Tier 1 Fighters; 18 Tier 2 Fighters; 14 Interceptors

Dive Bombers only: 14 Tier 1 Bombers

Torpedo Bombers only: 18 Tier 1 Bombers; 18 Tier 2 Bombers

Mixed: You can run various variations but this is what I recommend is have at least a few fighters to protect your bombers.



IJN Ise (1943)


Level: 73

DP: 14,400

Cost: 1,487,400 + 371,800 Remodel = 1,859,200 Credits

Total/Support Slots: 11 Total/6 Support

Aircraft Space: 2000

Take off: 6 Planes

Leveling Distance: 30 Levels for Shinano.

Summary: The 3rd and last hybrid for the imperial Japanese. This Half-Battleship, Half-Carrier is not intended for complete dedication. In other words, Do Not use it as a carrier only or battleship only. In order for this ship to be effective you need to have a battleship crew and a carrier crew. I highly do not recommend to take a carrier only crew and use this ship as a middleman to reach the Shinano. This remodel is main used for personal defense as you can launch a large amount of scouts or fighters. You can try to mount 2 pilots in the supports and put 2 repairmen in the T slots or you can add AA gunners since the remodeled Ise has fair AA capabilities. Again, Do Not use this ship to level off 30 levels to reach the Shinano, The only reason you can take the Yamato and use that bridge operator for a Shinano is because the Shinano was going to be the 3rd Yamato-Class battleship but the unfinished hull of the Shinano was then made into the largest carrier the world has seen at that time period. This ship travels at 21/34 knots under max displacement on a Heavy Engine.

Gun Setups:

I.) Dual 14 Ls on all 4 slots and Dual 4.7 on all 8 T slots (Longer Range, Less Damage)

II.) Dual 14 Ls on all 4 slots only

III.) Dual 16.1 Ds on all 4 slots and Dual 4.7 on all 8 T slots (Less Range, More Damage)

IV.) Dual 16.1 Ds on all 4 Slots only

Fighter only: 20 Interceptors; 20 Tier 3 Fighters

Dive Bombers only: 20 Tier 1 Bombers; 16 Tier 2 Bombers

Torpedo Bombers only: 25 Tier 2 Bombers; 20 Tier 3 Bombers


Mixed: This depends on the pilots you chose and what planes you want to fly. 


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Hosho Line

IJN Hosho


Level: 46

DP: 9,100

Cost: 1,411,200 Credits

Total/Support Slots: 6 Total/5 Support

Aircraft Space: 1600

Take off: 6 Planes

Leveling Distance: 7 Levels for Ryujo

Summary: Congratulations to making to the first real carrier in the Japanese line. You can now enter CV only Rooms. This is the earliest carrier in the entire game as well. The Hosho is a support CV and can be used in a number of ways and if you kept leveling your pilots with your operator, you should be able to use fighters or dive bombers. The Hosho is probably one of the fastest lower tier carriers I have ever used. If you have experience with carriers and pay attention to your surroundings, you can virtually dodge 95% of the dive bombers that come at you. A set up I used a lot while driving the Hosho is I would only put .2 Deck, .2 Belt, and add Max bulge without reducing speed; this way I could be able to keep my speed and dodge most aerial attacks. I would still recommend you use 2 Bombers and 2 Fighters. I would encourage you using bombers to take out the bigger ships in blitz. Since this ship has no guns, use a Finder FCS to maximize your sight range.

Fighters – You can set up your local fighters and intercept scouts, bombers and even some tier 3 fighters. In GB, Its best if you use Interceptors rather than Tier 1 or 2 due to the reason that lower tier fighters will not hold up against other interceptors or high tier fighters. In Blitz, having tier 1 fighters is acceptable but will be shredded by interceptors.

Bombers – Being able to launch 6 planes give you the opportunity to be able to sink any BB1-2 with dive bombers. Dive bomb bigger and slower targets such as BBs and CAs rather than CLs and DDs. Torpedo bombers, you planes will be shredded by AAW from ships due to the reason that your bombers are a low level, BBs might kill all your planes before you can drop the torpedoes so use caution. I would recommend bombing KM ships due to their low AAW unlike USN who has a higher AAW.  It would be better to bomb BB4-5 even though you can’t kill them because you get more experience for bombing a higher tier ship.

Fighter only: 26 Tier 1 Fighters; 16 Interceptors

Dive Bomber only: 16 Tier 1 Bombers

Torpedo Bomber only: 20 Tier 1 Bomber; 20 Tier 2 Bombers


IJN Ryujo


Level: 53

DP: 12,400

Cost: 2,125,620 Credits

Total/Support Slots: 9 Total/6 Support

Aircraft Space: 3,760

Take off: 7 Planes

Leveling Distance: 13 Levels for Hiryu

Summary: The Ryujo has the same tactics as the Hosho, It’s a support CV in GB. Run locals or else your fighters won’t do much against the higher tier planes. The Ryujo has space for weapons which I recommend you run HH in GBs or some sort of HE weapon in blitz. Unlike the Hosho, the Ryujo does not have enough speed to dodge dive bombers by going into overheat. Playing a bit more defensive is advised in this ship.

Fighters- 2nd Tier fighters are introduced after you reach level 60. I still recommend you run locals. Tier 2 fighters pose little to no threat to tier 3 and higher. Have your interceptors shoot down scouts, bombers and small squads of fighters but avoid Tier 5 fighters in GB.  Meanwhile, in blitz you wont need as many fighters as in GB i still recommend to have a few on standby.

Bombers- In the Ryujo you get an extra plane launch. In blitz, its best to run 3/3 bombers since the 7th bomber will just be a waste of time. 6 bombers can get the job done well almost any senario. I recommend running a single fighter on standby as the 7th plane if you have one. In GB, you can launch all 7 bombers in 2 pilots (3/4) or in 3 pilots (2/2/3). if you can, try to get your bombers behind friendly fighters but change course if they are going into a dog fight. Try to dive bomb targets with fat sterns such as most BB5s. Torpedo bomb targets from the broadside and avoid bombing from the front.


Fighters only: 62 Tier 1 Fighters; 47 Tier 2 Fighters; 37 Interceptors

Dive Bomber only: 37 Tier 1 Bombers

Torpedo Bombers only: 47 Tier 1 Bombers: 47 Tier 2 Bombers


IJN Hiryu


Level: 66

DP: 16,300

Cost: 3,263,400 Credits

Total/Support slots: 9 Total/6 Support

Aircraft Space: 5,700

Take off: 8 Planes

Leveling Distance: 9 Levels for Akagi (1927)

Summary: By the time you get the Hiryu, you will no longer be able to enter Blitz, all these tactics are for GB playstyles. The Hiryu is much slower than the Ryujo and is harder to dodge anything if it reaches you. You get an extra plane launch so you can now run 2 squads of 4 (4/4) in both fighters and bombers alike.

Fighters- Use locals as usual to protect yourself from bombers or other enemy fighters. If you haven't learned already, you need to drag your fighters in order to excel in fighter vs. fighter combat.

Bombers- Dive bombing with 8 planes can average out to about 20,000 damage, not enough to sink BB3-5s but you will still get more exprience from attacking them rather than attacking and sinking a BB1-2. No new planes are introduced at this level. Torpedo bombers will still have to use caution due to their vulnerability against AAW.

Fighters only: 71 Tier 2 Fighters; 57 Interceptors

Dive Bombers only: 57 Tier 1 Bombers

Torpedo Bombers only: 71 Tier 2 Bombers


IJN Akagi (1927)


Level: 75

DP: 19,490

Cost: 4,157,370

Total/Support slots: 10 Total/7 Support

Aircraft Space: 7,320

Take off: 8 Planes

Leveling Distance: 6 level for Akagi (1938), 11 levels for Kaga (1928)

Summary: Being able to to the Akagi is a game changer in the IJN line. Durring the life time of the Akagi, you will unlock tier 3 fighters, tier 2 dive bombers and the tier 3 torpedo bombers. You get an extra support slot with the Akagi but you still have the same amount of plane take off. The Akagi is a much larger ship than the Hiryu and slow aswell. From now on, all your ships will have 8 or more gun slots (except the Akagi 1938) and i recommend using HH over AA.

Fighters- Congratz, At this stage of the game you are now eligible to use tier 3 fighters. Its a bit of power downgrade from your interceptors but you now have much more fuel and acceptable fire power. You are required to know how to drag your fighters or else they wil become food for other fighters. IJN have some very fast fighters, use that to your advantage. Make other fighters use up their ammo and shoot them down in the meantime. Take caution going up against interceptors and tier 3 fighters.

Bombers- You also unlock tier 3 dive bombers at level 75. Aside from the extra 400 damage, your dive bombers ditch the crappy biplane and now got a bit more faster and are a bit more durable against AAW. IJN dive bombers are force to be feared in large numbers. At level 77, you are also granted the access to tier 3 torpedo bombers. Your torpedoes get a large boost and your planes also get an upgrade aswell. Depending on the amount of veterans/experts your pilots you maybe be very resistant to AAW.

Fighters only: 73 Interceptors; 73 Tier 3 Fighters

Dive Bombers only: 73 Tier 1 Bombers; 61 Tier 2 Bombers

Torpedo Bombers only: 91 Tier 2 Bombers; 73 Tier 3 Bombers


IJN Akagi (1938)


Level: 81

DP: 21,000

Cost: 4,157,370 + 1,039,320 Remodel Price = 5,196,690

Total/Support slots: 10 Total/7 Support

Aircraft Space: 7,620

Take off: 9 Planes

Leveling Distance: 5 Levels for Kaga (1928)

Summary: Honestly, i skipped this remodel but you are able to choose it if you wish. The only major differences are that you will see are an extra plane to launch, a small increase in plane space and more durability. You lose 2 gun spaces on this ship. You do not get your remodel price back, only the original ship gets refunded. 

Fighter- Same as the other Akagi, Keep working on your dragging skills, every level up improves your fighters. You can launch 2 squads for 4/4 or 3 squads for 3/3/3

Bombers-  You get the extra plane on this ship. As a bomber, you always want to launch the most bombers you can to ensure maximum damage. If you haven't already, you should have the highest tier bombers unlocked by now.

Fighters only: 76 Tier 3 Fighters

Dive Bombers only: 63 Tier 2 Bombers

Torpedo Bombers only: 76 Tier 3 Bombers


IJN Kaga (1928)


Level: 86

DP: 22,750

Cost: 5,400,000

Total/Support slots: 10 Total/7 Total

Aircraft Space: 8,200

Take off: 9 Planes

Leveling Distance: 11 levels for Kaga (1935), 17 levels for Shinano (CV)

Summary: If you did not take the remodel of the Akagi, this ship will feel more or an upgrade unlike if you actually got the later version of the Akagi. The Kaga is another of IJN's ships that went under a remodel to be more effective in the war. This ship have almost the exact same model as the Akagi with the exception of a few tweaks here and there. It has 1 more take off space from the original Akagi and improved plane space. 

FIghters- No new planes will be introduced yet. Keep working on your dragging. Interceptors should no longer be a problem for you. You should be able to be a fair fight for other fighters. You can launch 3 squads of fighters 3/3/3 or 2 squads of 4 (4/4) although this will take about 12 seconds longer. 

Bombers- Same set up as fighters, you can send in 3/3/3 or 4/4/1. With all 9 dive bombers, you will have an average damage of 26,000 if all bombs reach the target. 2 or 3 of these on the same ship will make quick work of any bb5 but beware of fighters. larger amounts of planes are high risk.

Fighters only: 82 Tier 3 Fighters

Dive Bombers only: 68 Tier 2 Bombers

Torpedo Bombers only: 82 Tier 3 Bombers


IJN Kaga (1935)


Level: 97

DP: 25,500

Cost: 5,400,000 + 1,017,000 = 6,417,000

Total/Support slots: 11 Total/8 Support

Aircraft Space: 9,800

Take off: 10 Planes

Leveling Distance: 6 Levels for Shinano (CV)

Summary: This remodel of the Kaga does not only look great but also performs spectacular in the right hands. This ship gives you an extra support slot, an extra plane take off and improved plane space. The ship also get some speed back and you are able to dodge torpedo attacks with more ease. For a loss of 1M credits, this ship is worth the remodel.

Fighters- In the early stages of this ship, you will still use your tier 3 plane but in about 3-4 levels you will finally unlock tier 4 fighters. These tier 4 fighters sport a green look with increased manuverablity, speed and fire power. This ship will pay for itself in no time after you unlock the tier 4 fighters. Even with the tier 4 fighters, some other nations can make quick work of you, remember your basics and continue to drag in fighter v.s. fighter combat.

Bombers-  With an extra bomber, you will now be hauling a payload of about 29,000 damage, about 90,000 damage with torpedoes. The only reason why your torpedo attack is greatly reduced is because of armor. 

Fighters only: 98 Tier 3 Fighters; 81 Tier 4 Fighters

Dive Bombers only: 81 Tier 2 Bombers

Torpedo Bombers only: 98 Tier 3 Bombers


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Junyo Line


IJN Junyo


Level: 60

DP: 14,200

Cost: 2,691,000

Total/Support slots: 9 Total/6 Support

Aircraft Space: 4,540

Take off: 7 Planes

Leveling Distance: 12 Levels for Unryu

Summary: Welcome to Junyo Line. There are many major differences between the Hosho Line and the Junyo Line that i will try to mention throughout this guide. For those of you who are arriving this line, your previous ship must have been the Mogami(1944). I congratulate on your decication and i hope you engoy this line as much as i did. From this point on, all tactics will be made as if you are in Great Battle.

Fighters - As soon as you get the Junyo, you will be introduced to tier 2 fighters. They don't have as much firepower as the interceptors but they make that up in fuel. Use interceptors if you plan on fighting other fighters. Use tier 2 as escorts or bait for your bombers. 

Bombers - At this point, you still have your standard tier 1 bombers for dive bombing and your tier 2 torpedo bombers. With a 7 plane take off, you are able to cause considerable damage to to lower end ships but i still recommend going after BB4s or BB5s.

Fighters only: 56 Tier 2 Fighters; 45 Interceptors

Dive Bombers only: 45 Tier 1 Bombers

Torpedo Bombers only: 56 Tier 2 Bombers


IJN Unryu


Level: 72

DP: 17,800

Cost: 3,825,000

Total/Support slots: 9 Total/6 Support

Aircraft Space: 6,100

Take off: 8 Planes

Leveling Distance: 6 Levels for Taiho

Summary: A much better ship than the Akagi in performance, this ship is able to dodge bombers a bit easier due to its higher speed and smaller hit box. During the course of this ship, you will unlock your Tier 3 Torpedo bombers, Tier 3 Fighters and tier 2 Dive bombers. Not a very good ship but not bad either. Either way, you will not be in this ship for long.

Fighters: You will now be able to use Tier 3 fighters on this ship. I recommend tou get using them once they are unlocked. The have less firepower than your interceptors but much more fuel. They are a big upgrade from your tier 2 fighters if you chose to use them.

Bombers: You will unlock the final tiers for both of you bombers while in this ship. Your tier 3 torpedo bombers will become available which are faster and resist AAW better than your tier 2. You torpedoes also get a huge upgrade, adding about 3,000 damage per torpedo. You also unlock your tier 2 dive bombers which get a small speed boost and few other increase in stats. The recommended plane launch in this ship would be 2 pilots (4/4) or 4 pilots (2/2/2/2)

Fighters only: 76 Tier 2 Fighters; 61 Tier 3 Fighters; 61 Interceptors

Dive Bombers only: 61 Tier 1 Bombers; 50 Tier 2 Bombers

Torpedo Bombers only: 76 Tier 2 Bombers; 61 Tier 3 Bombers


IJN Taiho


Level: 78

DP: 21,500

Cost: 4,864,500

Total/Support slots: 10 Total/7 Support

Aircraft Space: 7,380

Take off: 9 Planes

Leveling Distance: 17 Levels for Shokaku

Summary: Congratz on making it to the Taiho. This ship can be akward to use at first but you will adapt to it eventually. The ship comes with 1 more support slot than the Unryu which can either be used for another pilot or a seaman/support sailor. You also get and additional plane to launch and a rather larger aircraft space for your planes. You will spend a great deal of time in this ship, its best you get used to it. 

Fighters: You should have your tier 3 fighters by now. IJN planes have to be dragged in order to be effective or else they will become food for most fighters.

Fighters only: 73 Tier 3 Fighters; 73 Interceptors

Dive Bombers only: 61 Tier 2 Bombers

Torpedo Bombers only: 91 Tier 2 Bombers; 73 Tier 3 Bombers


IJN Shokaku


Level: 95

DP: 23,000

Cost: 5,467,500

Total/Support slots: 11 Total/8 Support

Aircraft Space: 9,600

Take off: 10 Planes

Leveling Distance: 8 Levels for Shinano (CV)

Summary: Finish Later…

Fighters only: 96 Tier 3 Fighters; 80 Tier 4 Fighters

Dive Bombers only: 80 Tier 2 Bombers

Torpedo Bombers only: 96 Tier 3 Bombers


IJN Shinano (CV)


Level: 103

DP: 27,500

Cost: 6,615,000

Total/Support slots: 12 Total/9 Support

Aircraft Space: 10,900

Take off: 11

Leveling Distance: 3 Levels for Zuikaku, 17 Levels for De Grasse

Summary: Finish Later…

Fighters only: 90 Tier 4 Fighters, 72 Tier 5 Fighters

Dive Bombers only: 90 Tier 2 Bombers

Torpedo Bombers only: 109 Tier 3 Bombers


IJN De Grasse


Level: 120

DP: 33,000

Cost: 50,000,000 Credits and 20,000,000 Points

Total/Support slots: 12 Total/9 Support

Aircraft Space: 14,000

Take off: 14 Planes

Leveling Distance: .9 Levels for Max Crew. This is your last ship.


Fighters only: 93 Tier 5 Fighters

Dive Bombers only: 116 Tier 2 Bombers

Torpedo Bombers only: 140 Tier 3 Bombers


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Event/Premium Carriers

 Coming Soon...

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Submarine Carriers


IJN Kai-Kou


Level: 97

DP: 21,800

Cost: 3,184,000

Total/Support slots: 10 Total/7 Support

Aircraft Space: 800

Take off: 3 Planes

Leveling Distance: 7 Levels for I-400

Summary: Finish later…

Fighters only: Not Possible

Dive Bombers only: Not Possible

Torpedo Bombers only: 8 Tier 3 Bombers


IJN I-400


Level: 97

DP: 26,160

Cost: 4,457,600

Total/Support slots: 11 Total/8 Support

Aircraft Space: 1,200

Take off: 4 Planes

Leveling Distance: 15 Levels for Max Crew. This is the last submarine…for now.

Fighters only: Not Possible

Dive Bombers only: Not Possible

Torpedo Bombers only: 12 Tier 3 Bombers


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Works Cited, Citations, and Contributors

Webster514 – Main Author

Piombo – Contributor

W1sh - Contibutor – Database – Database – Database

AVCM_gates’ USN CV Guide – Format/Contributor


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Updates and Status


-  (May 22, 2014) - Guide Started. Grammar Fixes.
-  (May 24, 2014) - Hosho Line finished. 
-  (May 30, 2014) - Grammar and spelling fixes. 
- (June 8, 2014) - Started Junyo Line.
- (June 22, 2014) - Junyo line on hold, Starting Special Carrier Line. 


Incomplete. Please wait.

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Very nice guide, I remembered a lot of nice moments during my grinding in both lines ;). IJN is the most funny nation with the hybrids and his tactics, IJN was my first nation of 3. I'm not sure but Is the Ryujo line the space craft line and the Junyo the speed cv line?.

PD: Subs carriers only launch torp planes ;).

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this might be a really noob question.. but what bombs are we supposed to use?

The Type 2 that has higher offensive (HE Damage) or the type 10 that is the larger "caliber"