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  • Some more RM Sub Questions

    06. 02. 2014 11:22 PST


having already made up my mind about the strengths and weaknesses about RM subs, I'm currently in the process of rolling Sailors for an SS crew.

Due to having read bits and pieces here and there, for now, I'm getting:
-2 Torpers
-3 engineers
-1 Repper or Seaman

Now, my Questions:

a) Is that sufficient for the latest RM subs? Looking at the shiptree, It should probably be one more. Which should it be then?
b) Repper vs. Seaman: Normally, I would prefer Seamen due to the overall boost they give. But as far as I remember, Seamen only work in the support slots. Would there be a free space for a Seaman in my configuration? Otherwise, I'll roll up a Repper, which can be placed anywhere.
c) Are Gunners any good? In my old NFEU Jap subs, I sometimes put in a gunner for novelty value, though I knew it wasn't really useful. Is that different for the RM? What would you advise, gunner-wise?
d) I read about delay-classing Torpedomen. If I do that, at which level would you recommend to finally torpedo-class standard +11 ones?

I think that was it. Maybe I'll add some additional questions if any cross my mind :-)
Thanks in advance,


  • Re : Some more RM Sub Questions

    06. 02. 2014 15:53 PST


Hello Redroach,
the RM ss5.5, which is the highest tier right now, has the following available slots:

1 BO 
2 Torpedo launchers ("T" slots)
2 Deck guns ("R" slots)
6 Support slots

Now, to your questions!

a) It is not enough. You may need more sailors. I think they shoulb be engineers and repairmen. Please read the following answers for more information about it.

b) I use 2 (elite) repairmen in the "R" slots; as I have not invest too much money on them, I get a repair rate of 168 DP/s, but you could get more if you really overvet them. It is helpful if you have a BB crew, so you can easily hit the repair cap with less repairers in the BB, which could give you one extra slot for an engineer (which gives you a plus of overheat)

c) I would not use gunners at all. The only sub I have used gunners on is the KM ss4, and just for fun in GBs. Those slots are better used with repairmen.

d) I have not delayed classed any of my torpers. I think there are some guides with the proper data explaining what advantages/disadvantages you may have doing it. The math can be done taking into consideration the formulae to calcule true ability and caps. All the information can be found using the search function of the forums (look also the "old data", there is always helpful information there).

Summarizing, I would go:
1 BO
2 Torpers (in the "T" slots)
2 Repairmen (in the "R" slots)
4 Engineeers (in the support slots)
1 Planesman (in a support slot)
1 Sonarman (in a support slot)

I leveled up first my BB crew, so it was relatively easier to level up later the SS crew: the engineers and the repairmen were already high level, so I had 900 SD in my SS3. That is in my opinion really an advantage when facing same tier or high tier subs in a battle.

Hope this help!

Best regards,


  • Re : Some more RM Sub Questions

    06. 02. 2014 20:06 PST


That was very helpful! Thanks a lot!

  • Re : Some more RM Sub Questions

    06. 03. 2014 21:30 PST


Seaman is useless, just use repairer.

For RM SS6 Cagni (level 105) you need
1 BO
2 torpers
1 sonarman
1 planesman
4 engies (yes 4 engies, long overheat time is a must for submarine)
2 repairers (on gunner slots, sub guns are not very useful and you just want extra repair)