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    09. 04. 2014 19:01 PST


Special ships OUTSIDE of the regular BO SHIP TREE lines :

ECL .. declassified .. appears on BUY NEW SHIP list in dockyard
PCL .. premium ship .. purchased with OLIVES from NF item store
PCA .. premium ship .. purchased with OLIVES from NF item store
PBB .. premium ship .. purchased with OLIVES from NF item store
PCV .. premium ship .. purchased with OLIVES from NF item store
EBB .. event ship .. purchased with HONOR MEDALS or event COUPONS
ECV .. event ship .. purchased with HONOR MEDALS or event COUPONS


ECL(29) Chapayev

PCA(53) Pteropavlovsk
PBB(61) Sevastopol

EBB(50) Borodino
EBB(64) Arkhangelsk
EBB(73) Poltava
EBB(74) Izmail'16
EBB(84) Kronshtadt'40
EBB(96) Stalingrad'53
EBB(113) Proletariat

ECV(61) Komsomolets'27
ECV(76) Project 71C

PCV(104) Project 69AV


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    10. 20. 2014 06:30 PST

any review for sn event ship?

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    10. 20. 2014 19:20 PST


Originally Posted by gapinter
any review for sn event ship?

I've been debating going with partials if people like the info, but the truth is I haven't played many of them, and therefore am not qualified to answer. I can list those I have knowledge of, but for the rest, only if someone else does it or $DE raises the ship limit so I can "receive" the massive number of EBB's I'm sitting on. Not much point to bringing them out when I don't have space for them.

SN is the nation I've played the fewest EBBs from. 

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    10. 22. 2014 09:03 PST


stalingrad and proletariat

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    10. 23. 2014 20:22 PST


Proletariat: EBB5.5

Stalingrad 1953: EBB4

Kronshtadt 1940: EBB3

Izmail 1946: EBB3

Poltava: EBB2

Arkhangelsk: EBB2 

Borodino: EBB1 

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    11. 05. 2014 20:26 PST


Thank You gentlemen .. (need *?* reviews) .. they are Greatly Appreciated by the whole community
this is exactly the kind of community input that i was hoping for when i originally posted these lists


* we still need some input for the SN premium and event ship tiers ...

* so if any one knows Russian Lines .. please feel free to step up .. ?? ..

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    11. 05. 2014 21:54 PST


the differnt systems and mixed numbering can (and does) confuse many people ...

the way i class them is by order ... regardless of hulls/guns/etc ... simple straight count ...

lets review .... 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 .... simple enough .. and something we all know


EBB1 (50) Borodino
EBB2 (64) Arkhangelsk
EBB3.1 (73) Poltava ..(*)
EBB3.2 (74) Izmail'16 ..(*)
EBB4 (84) Kronshtadt'40
EBB5 (96) Stalingrad'53
EBB6 (xx) . . . . . . . . . ..(*)
EBB7 (113) Proletariat
EBB8 (115) . . . ? ? ? . . .

ECV1 (61) Komsomolets'27
ECV2 (76) Project 71C

... the same straight forward numbering 1-7(8) holds true for the other nations as well(*)

so far each nation has a total of 7 EBB's released (8th in testing ??) .. .. and each has 2 ECV's
and there are some consistient common denominators :

there is a lower ECV(1) and a higher ECV(2) for each
the not-yet-released-EBB8's will all be @ lvl 115ish
the EBB7's are all level 113ish
the EBB6's are all level 99ish
the EBB5's are all level 96ish
the EBB4-3*-2-1's are in order by lvls .. (*)
(*) .. with the exceptions being SN and MN ...
.. * .. MN has no EBB2 - instead it has 2x EBB3's .. provence 3.1 .. and .. le havre 3.2 ..
.. * .. SN also has 2x EBB3's .. poltava 3.1 .. and .. izmail 3.2 - but it then has no EBB6(99)

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    11. 10. 2014 18:18 PST


Originally Posted by Dragon_Boats
* we still need some input for the SN premium and event ship tiers ...

* so if any one knows Russian Lines .. please feel free to step up .. ?? ..

i went digging here and culled and compiled the comments below to flesh out this section :


Originally Posted by Vlad381 ; Benser33 ; angus725
Chapayev: A very good ship. When you get to lvl 29 use this and take some time deciding which CA branch you want (Krasny Kavkaz or Rurik) as it is quite do-able to skip Bogatyr/Pallada/Svetlana and just use Chapayev until CA level. If you look on the graph of how much XP you lose with sailor lvl. The situation is worse if the sailor is lower than ship but above not so bad. Up to 10 lvls above you get 100% xp, and up to about 25 lvls above you still get more than 90%. So actually it is realistic to keep your crew in Chapayev to lvl 54 without much XP loss, all the way to Gorki for example. I plan to use Chapayev until Rurik, or maybe all the way to Kirov.  The intended chapayev guns are later at Lvl 34, 3x 6" B-38 MK-9 Pattern 1938 (lvl 29 was the maximum level SDE allowed the ship to be, so the testing team increased the level of the guns instead). Let me tell u the thing is an absolute beast! Unless u plan to AA or TW, or just for the sake of something a little different, I don't see the point in any regular Soviet CLs. The only downside is Chapayev is a huge ship (big target, actually bigger than Kirov) and with lower durability and such; but as far as R and T slots go, the Chapayev is an easy choice, at least over the Svetlana. Plus it looks cooler, haha.

Originally Posted by GrieferLord ; ccreeder ; Benser33
Petropavlovsk: is basically a moltke on steroids, plain and simple. it has good firepower, good range and is rather robust. it can be used with or without AA or with the SD-2's instead of the dual 10" guns. The petro is very fun and one of the best PCA's a little OP but it is less OP than a mandel by far. Run either 10 inchers or HH on the R slots and generally the 3.1 minizi's on the T slots. The miniz's are a great aa gun provided nice reload and medium range with medium damage. the 5.1s hit harder and have more range but much slower reload and very limited shells. its a great ship with high lvl gunners but if you are a lower lvl player its a harder ship to play because that spread is rarther bad with as is reload at lvl. but its still a great ship. Use it to level most sailors to 60+. The range, ROF and damage of the SD-2s are decent, but you do need good reload gunners for them really. I would definatly say it is better than a moltke in the right hands. Only by a little though since you can still fit the 4.1" AA guns on the moltkes T slots. I have also used a moltke, which obviously provides a combination of excellent ROF and damage with relatively good range, but those guns are better compared to the Minizinis, which do slightly more damage with about the same range but twice as slow. Its an excellent AA ship, SN AA is very good, SD-2s for range, Minizini for short fast fire. Its much better than the svetlana, more dp, more total T slots at better angles, actually able to USE the SD-2s. The PCAs are all pretty much designed to be very good AA boats, it even says that in their item store descriptions. Obviously they arent all equally good, but the Petropavlovsk, Motlke and Asama are all very good AA ships. How it compares to the motlke is based on which guns you use imo. If you use the stronger, slower, long range AA I prefer the Petro, if you want the short range, fast firing AA, the moltke is better.

Originally Posted by newport ; zzprepro ; Benser33 ; hexxel
Sevastopol: Definitely worth it with 7 support slots and slightly higher speed than all other SN BB 1-3s and much better turning force. I'm really glad I have mine, especially since pbbs are so good for leveling. Plus, it performs pretty well, the spread isnt bad either (SN sevastopol has better spread than US-seva), but its not very consistant, nor is it ever brilliant. Sevastopol does not have great range in GBs, so you really gotta use your speed and high turning force and deploy hit and run strategy. The seva is deffinately worth getting. The speed is better than the other BB's at that lvl or even a little higher for SN, with the right engy setup it is great. The range is good for the lvl you can use it at. The key to using it is never shoot broadside. The gun layout will almost never let you get a tight spread with all 4 guns. You need to shoot at an angle, either forward or aft. The consistancy of the spread is determined by how good your gunners are and their lvl. I use both the US and SN seva. With a high lvl crew it is awesome. 900 SD, fast OH, and an awesome reload speed even with ACC gnrs makes it dangerous. Just remember that if you are worried about XP that you should move up to the next ship.

Originally Posted by dmcgill1 ; NewIronsides
Borodino: The range is exceptionnaly good for the level, it can fire at least at BB2 range if not close to BB3. However, since it has only 4 barrels firing per volley, the odds of hitting a target are low, and the damage output per second of in-range battle is low too, even if individually each shell hits fairly hard. The accuracy is fairly good with good gunners and the reload is fast, i suppose to help compensate for the small amount of shells per volley. Its main strength is its very small size. She is the smallest BB in this game, is only as big as a large DD but has the DP of a BB and as such it is very hard to hit. The best way to use it is to use your small size and range to go unnoticed and land shells on BB1-2-3-PBB as you're able to. You can end up with a decent amount of attack (and exp) while being useful to the team a bit. I do not suggest going after high end BB4-5-6s though, since their accuracy will definately take you out if they decide you are a threat. Globally a PBB is much more useful, specially the sevastopol that is also relatively difficult to hit, the PBB will also hit much more often with its 12 shells. The borodino might be small and hard to hit, but against shotgun-style shots, it'll still be hit. The ship itself is slow. goes 37 with 4 118+ engs with 3 reps on board. If you match up a sevastopol and a borodino, then definately and without any doubt the sevastopol is better. it has more DP, much more shells/volley that increase the hit chance and at least the same range i believe. but even if its not you should still get it for the extra support slots. The sevastopal also has larger T slot spaces so you can run the SD-2 OR Minzini AA setups.
If you're using the BB1 20 degree 12" duals you are doing it wrong, Borodino has her own special set of 12" guns, which unfortunately are 40 degree max angle. It hits very hard as well. Her 1899 gun set has higher shell dmg than the regular BB1 gunset and have about the same range as a seva, maybe even a tad more. Not that i have not sat down and tested the range yet, it's just my experience from battle. I've found that most BB4-6 still will have significant trouble hitting her, Borodino is just too small. One on one you'd have probably win vs the average bb4-5 player if you know what you are doing. If you dont have a BVE crew that are at least +11 base the Borodino will suck so hard you will not use it. If you are just trying to level you want the seva.
PBB Seva = 4 - 3X12" bb2.5 range .. 7 support slots (same as BB4) .. Base speed is 24 with a fat crew
EBB1 Boro = 2 - 2X12" BB3 range .... 6 support slots (same as BB3) .. base speed with fat crew 22-23
hope that clarifies the differences. If anything, EBB1s are meant as trophies, not something that is pratical and tactical. You'd be better off with the Sevastopol PBB than the Borodino.

Originally Posted by Benser33
Arkhangelsk: is intended to use the lvl 65 3x 12"/52 Pattern 1906 with 4 binds of ammo.

Originally Posted by NIborGER ; Benser33 ; GrieferLord ; Stiks ; Skunky1385
Poltava: is a Gangut hull using Izmali guns(14inch trip 30degrees), +1 turning force. Not a bad little ship, is definately an improvement on the regular izmail and/or Gangut. acuraacy is pretty dang good on auto or manual. the staggered turret layout (all 3's set-up) make it almost 0 difference between since you can not really cross your lines. the trip 14s spread is a lot cleaner on poltava though definately better than the normal Izmail cause the turrets are less spread apart. My only real complaint is the T slot space that needs to be at least big enough for the mini-zinni's. 50 is to small. Great little boats with many possible set-ups, favorite is put gangut guns on and armor to heck and back. Also the poltava can use the imp guns, it will be a bit slower than regular izmail but still it gets imp guns. Its a fun little ship. only downer is that it has same support slots as the normal ganut.For lvling i suggest you better to get the Seva since its a great PBB and awesome for grinding for the obvious level advantage and support slot bonus the Seva offers. Comparing to a PBB is akward, since the PBBs are made OPed (for their lvl). Regarding if the poltava is worth it, what are you expecting? Keep in mind that it is a EBB2 so its better then regular BB2s but won't be a beast. Its a tiny ship that can use the Izmail guns. Speed wise i dont know if its slower then Seva but the poltava goes 25/42 which is pretty fast for a small ship and has lots of firepower. If you want a small funship it might be a good choice. But, imo it would only last 5 levels and then be replaced when you reach the IM. Plus, the ebb Izmail is only 1 level higher and is considerably better than the Poltova, with the exception of its size, but it has that extra support, it can use the 12" B-36 from the Kronstadt, slightly more DP, better turning, better OH ratio, etc. Too bad it still looks like an Izmail. That said, I would still continue to use it over the IM unless the size really got on my nerves. Depends, if you want a bb2-3 to help with that grind then I would say the Izmail 1916 which would probably last you until Stalingrad if you can bear it, if you want one to help with the bb4-5 grind I would say the Stalingrad. For grinding through the lower levels, the Poltova is still better than the normal gangut, but not as usable as the PBB Sevast, imo.

Originally Posted by NIborGER ; California ; biglew97
Izmail: is an Izmali hull using IM guns, +1 turning force and with bb4 crew slots. I'm grinding in the izmail to the kronshtadt. The izmail so far is pretty good, as long as they can't see me i can take out bb4s and below, bb5s with help. The dmg of the 14s is very nice, and the range is pretty good for a BB2. However it is kinda slow, something im hoping will be solved with the kronshtadt. Generally, the SN line is Slow, due in part to the added armor buff the SN line has, the SN line is Small and Slow, but have decent armor and hitting power.

Originally Posted by NIborGER ; California ; biglew97 ; Benser33 ; GrieferLord ; captgeo62 ; ComradePain ; No1shero
Kronshtadt: is a Kronstadt hull using the old BB4 12inch trips going 25/42, +1 turning force and BB4 crew slots. My recomendation would be the the EBB4 Kronshtadt since its a really interesting EBB with its unique Gunset making it a BB3.5+ The Kronshtadt EBB is the only ship that has a gunset all it's own, the lvl 89 12" guns that the normal stalingrad had are what the EBB kron is supposed to use. Played a few games with this EBB now, works great, glad I chose it, started with trip 14's but now I have found after using this ship that mounting the 1948 12" triples are the best guns for this ship so far. Extra inch of range and faster reload, although, the 45' angle makes it hard to land shots and are taking some getting used to after using the 30 degree 14s on the izmail. The spread is awesome, my gunners are ebve and at 82 they pretty much block with the 12s. It has good size AA gun slots for the D2's which are very useful(32%) and 11 sailor slots, also useful. I must say it was a great choice over the normal Kronshadt, better DP and an extra slot. AWESOME .. It has same DP as Stalingrad regular, you only have to be lvl 86 to operate it, will make the grind up that much easier. I really love the Kronshtadt myself, but I wouldn't see anyone using it over the regular Stalingrad which is obviously a slight improvement in most ways and capable of using the 16" trips. And that would mean only having the Krons'40 for only 5 levels grind to bb5 but thats fine too, Krons is still a great EBB. It is a good improvement over the regular kron and out of the new EBB's it is the one i picked, it simply was not only wonderful looking but has great gun options that i simply wanted it.
**NOTE : Ship tree is a little out of date, Kronshadt EBB is lvl 85 not 84.

Originally Posted by NIborGER ; Benser33 ; GrieferLord ; AlexCaboose ; newport
Stalingrad: a Stalingrad hull going 24/40 Knot + smaller than iowa hitbox + good damage + monty range + bb5 support slots. with a red paint job. If I was to recommend a ship, I would say the Stalingrad'53, to bridge the bb4-5 grind. Not that the normall stalingrad isnt a brilliant ship, but the EBB'53 IS better. Its brilliant really, those 16" guns are great. Easily most enjoyable ship I've played so far. Stalingrad is a good ship at present if you know how to play it and play defensively. The only main problem with it right now is speed. I find Stalingrad to be capable of taking on most BB5s with the range and full salvo dmg, but it is a very delicate ship requires a lot of fine tuning of your skills in control it.

Originally Posted by ErwinJA ; GrieferLord
Proletariat: Just like the other EBB 5.5's it has clones of the Soyuzlvl 100 guns and lvl 110 guns. They are level 115 for both and the triples are identical to the sov triples. There's pretty much no appreciable difference. The quads have closer to Monty range and longer reload The quads are decent but have less range. They also don't hit as hard on average as I'd have thought, they seem to have rather light shell damage. Otherwise the triples maintain L2 range. It has 9 support slots like the other EBB5.5's and will maintain 37 knots with quads or triples. Speed capped, a Proletariot drops to 37 at 62,200 tons. With the quad guns, full ammo, 0.2 belt, and 50 bulge, it already weighs in at 60,539 tons. A +15 BO with 200 vets (mine) weighs about 235 tons to get full sight range. My gunners weigh 335 tons each. 484 per engineer. Even with just 2 engineers, you're over, and that's before adding the scout pilot! Even cutting 2 binds per gun only gives another 1175 tons, enough for 2-3 sailors. Using the trips only cuts another 712.5 tons (200 per turret & 7.5 per bind), leaving you still with 5-6 crew slots unused. Thus, to attain 39 knots in this ship, you have to either severely skimp on bulge AND reduce ammo AND leave several crew slots unoccupied, or cut a turret and do some lesser extent of one or more of the above. It is designed to not go 39 without huge sacrifices. Most SN BBs are quite slow outside of World at War rooms.

Komsomolets'27:As with the other nations typical ECV1's, you more or less basically get a buffed up CV hull with CV4 supports and extra plane space. Slightly useful if you want to level up a CV crew the long and hard way, but otherwise is just a dock ornament mainly there to be there. Nothing special or woth getting unless you're a completist.

Project 71C: Again, as with the other ECV2's, you more or less basically get a buffed hull with the same CV4 supports and extra plane space. Slightly useful if you want to level up a CV crew the long and hard way, but otherwise is just a dock ornament mainly there to be there. Nothing special or woth getting unless you're a completist.

Project 69AV: As with the other PCVs, this is one of the best ships money can buy, and if you have or are putting together a SN CV crew, acquiring this is practically a no-brainer. It's essentially a full tier above the normal CV5 in every respect.