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  • bismarck or opro2 ?

    01. 20. 2015 14:30 PST


got a bo reset from the event. im on the opro atm and since people name it 'bisgod' should i switch to it or just stick with opro ?


  • Re : bismarck or opro2 ?

    01. 21. 2015 13:59 PST


In my opinion, the bismarck is the best BB3 that I have played. And I have played all US, UK, and KM BB3s.

Advantages are:

range (of course)

spread (compare to other bb3s)

gun angle (30)

gun firing arcs (can point all guns almost totally forward / backward)

size (compare to OP 2 and Hood)


damgae (lowest in tier, I think)

speed (37/38, not fast, but manageable)

AA ability (only 3 slots each side)

I highly doubt you only have 1 BO reset from event, so you can try to and if don't like change back.

  • Re : bismarck or opro2 ?

    01. 21. 2015 14:39 PST


If you use search function in Kriegsmarine section of forum and search for "Bismarck" as subject you'll find several threads with quite detailed posts about these two KM BB3.

  • Re : bismarck or opro2 ?

    01. 23. 2015 10:36 PST


Totally agree with axyarthur. Bismark is super. I know some ppl like pro2 because of its speed and damage. After a long try, I still can not get used to it, which largely indicates the the perference of ship mostly also depends on the individual style of operation.


  • Re : bismarck or opro2 ?

    01. 24. 2015 01:10 PST


Stick with the O-Pro.

The remodel has 1 support slot more than the Bismarck, which is the main point if you're levelling.

The fully correct answer would have been to level up a Bismarck BO as well.