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    08. 22. 2015 11:57 PST

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Hello NFers,

I worked on this spreadsheet in which you can examine the ships from NavyFIELD.  I have always felt the need to examine the specifications of all the ships in the game at once with once viewing and sort according to what you wish to have.  I hope this information formed in this way helps people. 

So let us say for example you wish to know the most expensive BB3 in the game or the best turning rate DD's of the game.  You can select ascending or descending on the titles which have pulldowns to sort them, then examine the specs. with shipnames at the left.  I have made tabs at the bottom for each nation or you can use the All Ships tab for all nations at once. The data used is from so accuracy may be different depending if SDE is keeping it up to date vs. in game.  

Screenshot Example:


You can view it in Google Sheets or Download the file from   The file is a lot easier to use as a downloadable file, however both are good.  No viruses are on the file or scripts.  I take no responsibility for anyone redistributing this file.  I hold no copyright to this file and is free to use as is.  I may or may not keep it up to date depending on usage.

This has taken many hours to input and I hope you all enjoy it.  If so recommend it to your friends as it could prove helpful.

Online Viewing:


Downloadable Excel Spreadsheet(Additional spreadsheet software will be needed, see below):


To View the spreadsheet on your PC you will need a form of an Excel Spreadsheet.  You may use the following links to download one if needed.

MS Excel Viewer:

Kingsoft Free Office Suite:


Hope your summer of 2015 is a great one and enjoy the 10th Anniversary Party!!



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D/L with no problems, looks pretty good, data seems accurate. Well done IMO.

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Well done Hex!


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