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  • Troubleshooting- Install,remove,start game

    10. 16. 2015 06:31 PST

There are some players having trouble starting game, this is a guide can help you go through most of the issues and get you to enjoy NavyField. 

Most of the problems can be solved through reinstalling NF. Please make sure you remove the old version of NF completely. Otherwise some errors may occur after install.  Currently most stable platform for NF should be Windows 7. 

1. Uninstall through Control Panel>Programs and Features

2. There are still some files leftover from the uninstall, go delete them manually. It is probably in your main drive (C:\Program Files\) ,  then Shift+Delete the SD EnterNET Folder.


3.   I suggest you download CC Cleaner from   to clean up your registry to prevent any registry items leftover to cause errors. 

4. Manually clean registry leftover key
a) Press Window Key + R to open the Run Dialog 
b) type regedit in the dialog
c) Press Ctrl+F  to open find dialog and type navyfield to find all keys related to navyfield

d) delete all keys you find until you cannot find anymore! 

5. After that you can continue to game download from  and install the game!

6. Now it's time to confirm you have the following C++ (2005 and 2013)installed. If you are using 64bit Windows, install both x86 and x64. If you are using 32 bit Windows, then you don't need the x64 one. 

7.  Now make sure both NF Launcher and NF.exe have admin right.

8. Last step, make sure NF launcher and NF.exe is on DEP exception list.

9. Lastly, of course make sure you have updated graphic driver from your graphic card provider.

Remove your old driver first with Guru display driver uninstaller
Then install the display driver which match your display card model(GPU)

We wish we could say that this will fix all problems for all players, but there may still be some configurations that will need additional assistance. Then you will need to send a ticket to us to look into the problem. But make sure you followed these steps first otherwise there are not much we can help.