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  • Email change/Olive key reset Guide

    01. 03. 2017 09:45 PST

Hello community,

If you wish to change your email/ forgot your olive key/ trade password , you are welcome to send us a support ticket with the following informations.  The more informations you provided the easier we can prove you are the owner of the account and it will help speed up the process. 

First, try change by yourself on the list left hand side under "My account" Category. If unsuccess then you can continue with sending support ticket. 

1. Old email:
2. New email:             (Our system works better with gmail,hotmail,outlook and 1 email address use by 1 account only)
3. Trade Password:
4. Security Questions and answers: 
5. Country and city you registered your account at:  
6. Recent transaction ID:  (You can find in your email receipt if you purchased something)

Provide more info will help speed up the process. Thanks!

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