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  • For Returning players~!(Returning player Scheme)

    01. 03. 2017 09:57 PST

Hello old buddies,

If you haven't login to game for over 6 months, your account would be archived. You need to send us a support ticket with the following information and see if we are able to recover your data for you. (Normally we can only recover data up to 3 years but you can send us ticket and we will try our best)

1. Upload your government issued identification document
2. Last time you login to game
3. Crew/ships you remember you had
4. Other accounts you have (It is permitted to have multiple accounts now but you still need to provide the list) 

If you need help in recovering email/olive key/password, check this post

**(Returning player Scheme)**
For players that we cannot find your data anymore because you didn't login for too long and you register on or before 2013, please still provide as much information as possible and we will provide some help for you to start up.

We will try our best to restore your account, welcome back Captain it's time to clean the dust
on deck!

Lastly, make sure you login again once at least every 6 months after we restored for you or you may lose all your crews! 



  • Re : For Returning players and old NFEU players~!(Returning player Scheme)

    02. 25. 2017 23:44 PST

Updated:  New returning player scheme

  • Re : For Returning players~!(Returning player Scheme)

    06. 18. 2017 15:02 PST

Terms updated