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  • Navy Field Mobile is released !

    02. 15. 2017 02:15 PST

We released Navy Field Moible at Google and Apple store!

You can download from

Apple App Store -

Google Play Store -

Thank you for waiting.

The users of Navy Field Mobile can pick one country among USA, England, Japan, Germany, Soviet Union, and gain more power after winning in the battle field by controlling naval vessels that has actually existed on World War 2. Moreover, gamers can upgrade their equipment in warship as well as their sailors.


Navy Field Mobile provides total of 168 PvE Mode that is consisted of a Campaign that operates under a historical battle, an Operation activating depending on the level of a warship, and a Survival mode with highest level. Also, it provides an Online mode (Real-time Online Battle) that allows users to play with other gamers in the field as well as a Harbour Assault that allows the plundering of other players’ harbor. 


Also, gamers can collaborate with other players to enjoy a Fleet War by joining a Fleet.

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