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  • Event Team recruitment

    03. 15. 2017 02:37 PST

Dear community, 

We are now recruiting event team members who are able to spend their time holding mini events for the community. Event team members will have access to special accounts and special ships and of course the fun of holding event too.

Below are the requirements to apply: 

1. Mature and Honesty, no drama needed

2. Provide fun to community as 1st priority instead of own benefits

3. Good speed and connection of computer and internet

4. Video recording software and knowledge to upload the competition video

5. Able to judge and write event report fairly and fluently and not favoring anyone

6. Able to hold event at least twice per week 

Interested parties can send me email with the following form at (

1. In-game ID and fleet you belong to: 

2. How many years you played and highest BO level: 

3. Any ban records? If yes, what and why: 

4. What's your internet speed and video recording software

5. How many hours you are able to spend in-game per WEEK 

6. Alternative accounts you have:  

Deadline: 31 March 2017