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  • *Important* Trade will be disabled completely on 17 May

    04. 25. 2017 13:05 PST

Dear Community,

After circumspect consideration, we decided to disable trade completely (Area 13 + trade system)on 17 May 2017.Trade had caused serious problems in the past and we spent many working hours on resolving these, especially with the large number of players sharing their accounts and got their crew hacked. Our current policy is that TeamNF do not involve in trades and you should be responsible for what happens on your account if you share it. However, we try to be kind and don't want to upset our players sometimes even it's their careless act they should be responsible on their own. Unfortunately these cases are non-stop happening and with trade enabled it's also hard to stop event exploiting with multiple accounts.  We allow you to play with multiple accounts on single computer/IP now but event exploiting is still prohibited. Also, on some other MMO games, there are no trade system and all run without any issues. 

We will implement daily olive attendance system again after trade disabled, and event afterward will have new prizes given. Also new players accounts will have more starting credits+points to help them overcome classing sailors and ship buying difficulty when they are new in this great game. 

We know there will be positive and negative opinions towards this change but hope you will understand this is all for a better NavyField in the future.  Improvements and changes will keep coming. 

Take your time to merge your crew into your main account if it is needed.  We will not provide merging service. You can continue to play your accounts after the trade disabled just not trading crew/premium items between them. 

Here are some upcoming agenda which should solve your worries.

1)Premium and free accounts xp+credits+points will be adjusted next month. Free account should be 140% of now. And premium should be 180% of now. Experts gained have been adjust from 100% to 115% already. Veteran conversion rate will also be adjusted. 

These all measures we want to ensure free players can enjoy and new players can survive

2) Missions will provide XP till level 60. (No Experts gain) 

3) Blitzkrieg will drop premium items

4) A new currency besides Credits and Points will be introduced, free players can buy premium items if they fulfill some requirements

5) Olive gift system will be activated

6) Olive attendance system will be activated

7) New players account start with more credits and points, enough for classing sailors on time and buying all starting stage ships

8) New prizes in events

9) Auto FCS price adjustment

10) New Blitzkrieg crew


a) How can I HA with my fleetmate's crew afterward? 

Since we allow Multiple accounts on same IP+Mac address now, you can still login to your fleetmate's account to use his crew or help him level up.  But give out your 2nd password at your own risk, the person you share account with can dismiss your crew and class your crew wrongly if you let them access your HQ.

b)  But I can only share 50 crews with my fleetmates if I don't give them my 2nd password after trade disabled?

50 crew= 3 Full BB6 crew already.  3 Full crew+ 7 Full crew of your own it's 10 set of full crew, should be enough for 1 HA.

c) If I reach level 120 and don't have enough credits and points?

The proper proportion should be when you grinded two BB5, you have enough credits for 1 BB6. SD class ships were not meant to be easy to get, everyone should work hard to get it, however due to the explode of BB6 in past few years, it gaves a wrong image that it's easy to own one. We believe you will not be far away from BB6 requirement when you reach 120 after the tweak mentioned in no.1 and driving a CV can be even easier to earn you good amount of credits and points towards the goal. 

d) I don't want to grind, I just want to buy the crew?

All MMO are about grinding, this is how the game have its life span. It should be easier with the adjusted XP rate afterward and you will grow skill while grinding, so when you drive BB6 you will have everything you needed to drive it well.  For those who found manual is hard during grinding, more affordable auto FCS will be there.

e) I have bad crew and I want to trade up for new one?

Super elites were not tradeable anyway, you can still use your old crew to bring up your new crew till they can drive bigger ship

f)  I gave out my crew earlier and wish to return, but without trade I can't get crew back/buy crew back?

That's why we provide over 1.5 month early notice for you to merge/trade/ask for free crew before trade is removed

g) I want to sell credits and points and crew for real money, how can I do it afterward?

Oh we are sorry..............   

We will review every changes after certain period of time. Trade is not the core of the game, it is not a merchant game or RPG game. And we will invent a new bidding system and sailor rental system later, but we still need to figure out solutions to prevent exploits. Without trade system it will also eliminate the black market of illegal real world trading and provide a better gaming environment for all players. 

Thank you all for your patience and wait to see a better NavyField.  

Navy Field GM Team