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  • Navyfield mobile crossover event

    05. 04. 2017 03:11 PST

Hello NavyField community,

We have released SD EnterNet's second version mobile game on both Android and iOS platforms.


We would like to carry out the following event related to Navy field mobile game,

- Event period –


May 4, 2017 - May 31, 2017 11:59 pm PST


- Event contents -


1. During the event period, if you achieve Captain level 50 on Navy Field Mobile, you will receive the following items.


1) 999 NF medals


2) veteran increase 40% +10 x 4


Event participation method –


1. Download and install Navy Field Mobile.

(You can download it by searching "Navy Field" in the Google Play Store or iOS App Store.)


If you have already installed Navy Field Mobile, you can play the game as it is.


2. Play the game on Navy Field Mobile to achieve Captain level 50 within the duration of the event.


3. Please send the following information and attach the screenshots in your mail to


- Captain information screen showing Navy Field Mobile's Captain name, level information that has achieved level 50

  (Shipyard screen or Captain level click on shipyard)


- Google Play, registered e-mail address when using Apple App Store

  (Or the e-mail address you registered for Google and Facebook account integration)


- Names of 1 account name for related account to receive items from NF1


- Event Notice -


1. The event can only be played once per person and only once per person.


2. We will only provide items to normal event participants within event participation method.


3. When you apply for the event, you need to clearly describe the captain information and provide valid screenshots, necessary information (ID name, e-mail address, etc.).


4. The event may be changed or canceled by the circumstances of the company.


Thank you for your interest in Navy Field Mobile.


NavyField development team