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  • Bounty Hunting Mini-Event

    07. 19. 2017 13:13 PST

Hello Captains,

The event team is hosting a Bounty Hunt Mini-Event that will last from Monday, 7/17/2017 23:59PST until Monday, 7/24/2017 23:59PST.

During this period, any player who sinks a member of the Event Team should take a screenshot and email their screenshot to with the subject line: Bounty Hunt Reward Claim. Please do not submit these screenshots through the support ticket section.

For each bounty reward claim that is approved, you will receive 10 medals. You may submit up to 10 bounty claim requests for this event for a total of 100 medals. Please do not submit more than one request per kill. Anyone attempting to undermine the integrity of this event will be ineligable for prizes.

Team killing is strictly forbidden. Be warned, If you purposely team kill one of the bounty targets, you will not receive any medals for the event.

Cheer Captains and Happy Hunting,

Navyfield Event Team.