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  • Steam+ Fleet/Squad reset update

    08. 29. 2017 12:37 PST

Dear community,

NavyField is still under review by Steam, the progress is delayed so the release date for Steam have to postpone for a few days. We will announce it once it is confirmed.

And this Friday 1 September 0:00AM PST we will perform Fleet+Squad+Habour data reset. All fleets please withdraw your credits in fleet bank before the set time, otherwise the credits will be lost after reset. 

Fleets and Squadrons will have to reform on your own after reset, I know it maybe troublesome but a fresh new environment could be a more friendly place for new players coming soon from Steam and also simplify the data/problems accumulated over years in database. Please try your best to help and guide these new captains in the sea!   

Windows 10 compatability patch should be released shortly within this week if we find no more issue in testing phrase. Thank you for your patience.