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  • SOLVED: Crashes after 30 august patch windows 7

    08. 30. 2017 08:07 PST


As many other players i'm experiencing crashes each time i leave a battle and join a new room. I tought could be for framework reason (vcredist problem announced by Vinnson). So i deleted my old and working italian framework and installed the EN-US version of c++2008. This has not solved the problem, so i tried with a fresh install of the game. Still not solved. Updated all drivers, update OS (win7). System pefectly tuned. no AV.
Any suggestion?

Really sad and annoyed to restart the game after each battle....

Edit: tried all the solution TNF gave. Now the game disconnect after connected and following attempts will open a window saying : hack attempt detected.

Edit 2: no solutions was found. reinstalled fresh game. Hacking message and login problem solved. But still crashing when joining a new room after each battle, this means restart the client each time.

ULTIMATE Edit: I set compatibility mode with win xp pack 3 on both launcher and game exe files. It seems no more crashes after each battle.


  • Re : SOLVED: Crashes after 30 august patch windows 7

    08. 30. 2017 14:08 PST


I updated the client, went to the installation folder, installed the vcredist_x86 file. then changed the compatibility to Windows 8 (the os i have) and everything was dandy. hope i helped someone !