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  • Steam Launch 26 Sep 2017

    09. 20. 2017 20:23 PST

NavyField is finally on its final approach to land on Steam!♥ We would like to thank you all for the support along the way and welcome all new players!



NavyField- being one of the most unique and special naval game in its market have special gameplay style, teamplay elements. 


In this game, you can DIY the setup of sailors and ships with the style you like and you will develop your own skill that is different from many others. 


The launch is scheduled to be on 26th September 2017. There will be a grand event for all players. We aim to help new players get familiar with the gameplay and have an easier start. 


“You got to insist on your success, resist every obstacle and persist in times of difficulty and you will get there.” -   This quote can apply pretty well on NavyField. At the start, NavyField can have hard to learn but once you get through the first few hours, you will find the fun of it.


Please do not hesitate to send a support ticket if you face any technical issues or gameplay difficulties. We are more than happy to help you anytime! 




Captains be prepared for the mass battles incoming! 



NavyField Management Team