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  • Anti-Aircraft Gun Video Guide

    10. 05. 2017 17:10 PST

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Hi everyone, I made a basic video tutorial for beginners to learn how they can shoot aircrafts more efficiently,  thus they can get experts quickly, and I bet it's the highlight of all similar video tutorials.

Since it's originally made for Chinese players, the tutorial used Chinese language and most of the footages come from servers other than NFNA ( but indeed there are 3 video clips taken from Navyfield North America Server when using account rapier_63, which could be located at 02:28~02:44 and 09:07~09:14 of the Tutorial)

However, it doesn't matter wether you can read it or not -- the Video itself already contained all the essence.

Anti-Aircraft Gun Tutorial


  • Re : Anti-Aircraft Gun Video Guide

    10. 05. 2017 17:54 PST


Seems that my QV showed up in your last video clip, as the rival of your team ^o^.