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  • Navyfield and You: The Unspoken Rules

    10. 06. 2017 05:07 PST

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As a long time player of Navyfield, today I'm going to forward my knowledge on to those of you who are recently joining us.  The first and foremost are the unspoken rules of Navyfield.  These rules aren't really 'official' rules, but more a code of conduct by which most players abide.

1. By the time you command a battleship, you should already be proficient with Manual FCS.  This of course, has exceptions.  We have many veterans and such that do not have full use of their hands, etc.  Obviously, no one expects everyone to be able to use Manual.  But generally, if you're capable of using Manual, you should be using it once you get to a Heavy Cruiser.

The reason is simple, Manual FCS allows you to be more efficient.  It also allows you to take up a whole new part of the game, anti-aircraft gunnery.

2. Blitzkreig.  Blitzkrieg is a great game mode for new players and old players alike.  It is capped at level 60 and allows everyone a nice and fair enviroment to engage it.  Quite some time ago, it was capped at 80 because the playerbase just wasn't that big, but for our steam release it was reduced back to 60.

Oddly enough, new players would find it incredibly frusterating to play against BB3's in blitz.  Who'd have thought?  Then again, many new players still find it incredibly frusterating to play against Kitakamis; which I believe have no place in blitz either and let's be frank, it's pretty taboo and a bit of a crappy thing to do anyway.

3. Fleets are great.  You can read all the guides you want to, but unless you've got someone to ask the hard questions to you probably are going to be a little lost most of the time.  Hook up with a newbie friendly fleet asap.  They'll raise you right with the skills you'll need to be an efficient captain in Navyfield.  (Shameless self promotion, Knights Templar is recruiting :D )

4. Plan your development.  One of the main things I hear about from new players is, "What should I level first?  What nation should I pick?"  Well, the nation question is really more dependant on your playstyle, so I'd suggest reading different guides and asking fleetmates if you've been following my advice here.  As for what you should actually level first?

Generally, a carrier is the way to go.  Carriers rake in credits, which keep the world of Navyfield turning.  Credits fund your ships, your armor, your entire account.  Mastering a carrier lets you keep yourself well funded and ready to take on more lines.

Second, a battleship.  Battleships are the sluggers that do most of the dueling.  Useful for lots of things.  Tanking and dealing damage.

Third, and optionally, a sub.  I HIGHLY recommend you do not raise a sub crew until you know what you're doing.  They're skill intensive and difficult to grasp, rather on master.  Until you have a fundamental understanding of things, I can not recommend raising a sub crew.

5. Be a nice person.  You see a lot of communities out there in MMO's of toxic people.  This game has been around for quite a while, and its community is old.  It's set in its way of being responsible, respectful and being conducted like adults.  If you're being a bad apple, chances are everyone else will hear about it and avoid you like the plague.  You'll be respected as long as you respect others.

If you agree with these rules, don't forget to Rec! :D