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  • Buffing the shiden interceptors and medal system

    10. 21. 2017 14:27 PST

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Hi good morning 
I've recently played this game ie the pc version yes I played the mobile version but kinda wondering why the shidens have a very high fuel consumption add with its paper thin skin and you got a underpowered fighter plane my idea is buffing it's fuel consumption to a long lasting one so that it can be used on intercepting scout planes torp planes and dive bombers before reaching there designated area with that in mind making the refueling longer is quiet balance since the new shidens will be lasting in the air before returning and refueling also medals it's no surprise that premium membership gets more medals but I would like to see a event that rewards a player more medals when he/she did a fantastic job on winning ie non premium like giving them 10-medals for 5th contributions? on winning 20-medals on 4th placer 30-medals on 3rd placer 40-medals on 2nd placer and 50-medals on 1st placer