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  • Community Events Team Status Update

    12. 20. 2017 03:53 PST


Hello Captains,

I am here to bring an update regarding the community events team. For those who are unaware of who we are and what we do, here are the details.

We are a group of players, seperate from TeamNF and affiliated with various fleets, who worked closely with the NF Management Team in order to provide the community with various fun activities and games to participate in. From the creation of our team, we hosted many "sink the beast/monster/duck" rooms, attempted race rooms, let players beat up our bb6s while they were in cls, dds, and ffs, and hosted larger events like the bounty hunt event and the 5v5 tournament.

Sadly, as some of you may have noticed, there have been a lack of communication and events from our group over the past few months. Due to our inactivity, it has been decided that we have not been able to serve the community in the capacity that was planned at the creation of the team, therefore the community events team is being disbanded.

While the team itself is being disbanded, the idea of community events is not being forgotten. The Event Team leaders will still be around and will continue to provide smaller scale events, such as "Sink the X" rooms, as well as to serve as communication between groups who wish to run mid-to-large scale events, such as Fleet League or tournaments and Vinnson/NF Management team.

For those who are concerned about EXP/DROP/SDE events going away since our team is disbanding, we do not, nor have we ever had control over these events.

As one of the event team leaders who has been here since the creation of the team. I would like to thank everyone who have attended, provided feedback, or assisted in any capacity with the events we have hosted.

Thank you,