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  • Winner of Taste The Power Event

    01. 04. 2018 22:57 PST

Dear All

Here are the Winner of the Taste The Power Event

5 longest online time can choose a CV7
1. Slayer_z
2. Kizunaai
3. Kgns
4. Abcdkent
5. Ms06zaku

10 most game played with screenshots can choose a BB6.5/CV6.5
1. a8008olives
2. Almirantex
3. Szmake2002
4. Grugno
5. Saintlukas
6. Panzertanzer
7. A01_3430
8. Berserker120

Due to lack of players submit the ticket to participate in the Most Game Played Event, we have 8 players to win the prize.

Congratulation on the Winners of the event.
Please send us support ticket for the prize or reply in here.

Sorry for the late announcement.

NF Management Team


  • Re : Winner of Taste The Power Event

    02. 03. 2018 00:11 PST


Hello GM       l'm very happy to win  l  choose American  CV7   ID:abcdkent

  • Re : Winner of Taste The Power Event

    02. 15. 2018 07:17 PST


what do I have to do to win those bb7 or bb6.5?