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  • Worst event ever

    01. 11. 2018 08:35 PST


remember all the events before, they were spectacular, nowadays this event is the worst I've seen in my navyfield life, sincerely it makes me very sad that they no longer worry about their game, and stop helping those who want to start , remove the trade among other things .. Many people have told you, you are killing your game, and take away the desire to play new players that must be faced, old players, with spectacular or donated event crews, and They do not do anything about it, to solve that. They make a totally poor event like this event, and it is not to believe that, there were so many good events, as one can do as horrible as this one. my most felt condolences for the navy field community.


  • Re : Worst event ever

    01. 12. 2018 01:21 PST


what is so horrible for you at this event?


do not only whine at this place! Tell what´s the bad thing for you and tell what you would make better!



  • Re : Worst event ever

    01. 12. 2018 05:17 PST


Do you want me to explain that part of the event I do not like? everything in itself. 1 single shot of roulette per day, which asks you exactly 10 games of 5 minutes with 1 dmg at least, the rewards of the roulette are totally useless and useless, the percentage of drop% is bad, no longer drop experts or Premiun sailors, just drop useless stupidities. minimum should be 5 shots per day, and remove mp dd is an unusable boat that also falls by drop .. then all week I play around 200-300 games do not know if more, and the experience is stinky, could have made a calendar with days of event as in other previous events ... but no, they made the event poorer and unusable for the end of the year in the history of navy field.

  • Re : Worst event ever

    01. 12. 2018 09:46 PST


Ok, i see. Maybe i understand you, cause it´s not an Event for experienced players. For me it looks like this Event is general for the new Players made.

But i can tell you the rate of drops is well. For me, i can say, at 20 Battles i have between 4 and 8 drops, and that´s well.
(sure, most drops are for me useless too^^)

Also the experience on Weekend is well.

Maybe make the best of it, and only have fun in Game.



  • Re : Worst event ever

    01. 12. 2018 16:29 PST



There are no bad free stuffs.  They are free so they are fine to me.  But, you are correct that the random drop rate is low and the chance of getting useful items is also low.  10 games of 5 min per day is around a minimum of 1 hour each day (during weekends).  With the wait time during weekdays, it is usually 2-3 hours.  If players are not playing the game for fun but only playing it to get the items they want, from the cost viewpoint, it is actually more cost effective to go to work and earn $20+ per hour and then pay to get the items we want instead of spending 2-3 hours per day if we do not enjoy playing.  I am not suggesting that you should pay, but only pointing out the facts. 

  • Re : Worst event ever

    01. 13. 2018 15:59 PST


I don't like complaining about free stuff, so if the drop sucks (it does, lets say it) I just ignore it. I play like there is no drop event at all. 
But the whole event is terrible planned. The roulette drops are also useless, and the only good price (experts bundle at 25 days of 10 games each) is a really poor one still... I mean, you play a whole month to earn 2k experts? Its NOT bringing back the old players, you know?
Also the "play 10 five mins games with 1 attack" makes the GB a retarded fest of rushing kitas, ABing subs, and even high level BBs rushing to death. For most players, its better to die soon and move to another battle, than playing a 12 mins game. Rush, hit something, die, wait for 5 mins mark, repeat. So it is actually affecting the players that play for fun. When event ends, players who were there just for the event will stop playing again, and the ones who played for fun are so pissed that had left too, so its a loss-loss trade off.

About the new players, being honest this game has too little to offer them, the crashes, outdated graphics, weird engine, empty server, long waits for battles, bunch of retarded BB5s shooting white medal DDs to make sure they get 1 attack before failing horribly, little benefits of being in a clan/fleet (especially little fleets) and the most irrititating, the lack of official information... Do you think that a new guy who just starts building a crew, has no idea about the function of each sailor, is going to read the adalberts guide before planning his first crew? Those are past times... 12 years have passed and new people will not like to ruin his 1st crew (like most of us did at the beginning) and start all over again from the scratch. This event does NOTHING for new people... 50 free mines will not make happier a guy that just missclassed half his starting sailors and has 3 restorers, 1 seaman, 1 sonarman and 2 torpers in his BB1... this game IS NOT newbie friendly.

A good event that aims to new people could include leveling prices (i.e. make a new crew and go to lvl 50 for a price, 75 for a better one and 100 for a great one, like ebb-ecv-pss whatever) this gives old players reasons to keep playing after reaching 125, and new ones reasons to stay and keep playing.  Also blitz encouraging is good, but the lack of low level players makes it hard... why not rebuild blitz (or make blitzkrieg2?) with unlocked joining level but really low hability caps, so 120 crews could join without farming everyone with blockshots and 900 sd /280 dps repair.
Another idea could be anything skill based, to encourage people to play better and not just more. Like the failed MVP system (more MPP, more playing players) is a ranking of whom play more games in a week, the events shouldn't follow that line.
Make played games be wins, 1 attack be highest attack (i.e. once a day if you are the highest attack of your team you won extra price) and crap like that. So the old players will return alot more than now.

Its really sad to see how the GMs gave up without hearing the community. Not even once.