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  • Fleet Leaders Assemble / HA Update

    07. 30. 2017 23:19 PST


Hey Captains,

My goal when I, once more, became a moderator, was to improve the communication with the community. Since fleets are now, and have always been, the most important section throughout Navyfield, we would like to (re)create a group with all the excisting fleetleaders, moderators and GMs. 

All matters regarding fleets will be discussed within this group as those fleet leaders represent the biggest part of NF.

For this reason I would like all the fleet leaders to come in and: 

- Name your fleet
- Preferable platform to be used, please name two
- If you like you can bring one companion - also name him here

EDIT: We have decided, because we are not able to fix the HA bug, to reset all harbours, fleets and squads. This means all fleets will need to reform once the reset has been executed and harbours will be empty after the reset.

The reasons we made this decision is that we could keep trying to fix this bug but it will take more and more time, which is no good solution for anyone. A full reset will clear all data and should fix all problems. It also means a fresh start for all fleets and it will be easier for new players to bind into the community.

Feel free to discuss anything regarding this subject here, but keep it clean


  • Re : Fleet Leaders Assemble / HA Update

    09. 30. 2017 01:50 PST


We (RA) initially understood that delete a radio operator would not solve the problem. Radist is just an additional function, the problem is the depth in the database. We wait patiently for the administration to remembered the current problems.

  • Re : Fleet Leaders Assemble / HA Update

    10. 11. 2017 04:33 PST


Dear administration!

On the 3rd of September there was a reset of all fleets, squadrons and harbors in order to fix the bugs and database inconsistencies. The reset according to your information was successful and users have recreated the fleets, the harbor assaults were declared and there were no issues found.

However, on the 13th of September there was a reset of harbors, after which the declaration of the harbor assault hanged on RA fleet leaders account - shlyupkin. The attempts to cancel the application and to dismiss the fleet didn't succeed, what was reported through the support ticket. 

Huge effort was done to recreate the fleet once more on top of another account - doremi. At the same time the fleet bank is frozen on the former fleet leader's account - shlyupkin (since he cannot leave former fleet), what also was reported and asked to help to resolve the problem through the support ticketing system.

Today after the servers maintenance the harbor attack applications were reset again and at our new fleet leaders account (doremi) was found the same bug with hanging harbor assault application in radioman, but in fact there is no application seen in game (see screenshot). 

At the same time in doremi's radioman the application exists (see screenshot). 

We are very disappointed about what is going on. Why does the technical maintenance cause the bug so often? We would like to know the clear further steps, since exists very high probability that after next recreation of the fleet the radioman will get the same bug.

  • Re : Fleet Leaders Assemble / HA Update

    11. 08. 2017 08:06 PST


Bug in website ha hd all have

  • Re : Fleet Leaders Assemble / HA Update

    12. 09. 2017 06:25 PST


Flota Gallega

Lider de Flota Gallega : Fravacu

Condejo de Flota Gallega : Urrs

Concejo de Flota Gallega: Elcuquito2 ( Traductor unico de los 3 que habla ingles )

Plataforma ! , Team speak 3 , Raidcall , facebook, menseger , whatsap!

Gracias en cuanto estemos en linea para ver las inquietudes!

  • Re : Fleet Leaders Assemble / HA Update

    12. 09. 2017 14:30 PST


Was anyone added to the group chat?

  • Re : Fleet Leaders Assemble / HA Update

    12. 16. 2017 01:38 PST


[CITA = Andreyeff]

¿Alguien fue agregado al chat grupal?


No que yo sepa

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