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  • Problem playing

    10. 13. 2017 13:02 PST


the game is good, except the problem that is seen in the image. seems a graphic problem because it is continually flashing and the game is slow. I have windows 10, change the compatibility and nothing. please I need a solution


  • Re : Problem playing

    10. 13. 2017 17:25 PST


Are you running a laptop?

Update your graphic drivers and Chipset drivers.

Run in Administrator mode.

  • Re : Problem playing

    10. 15. 2017 12:26 PST


It is not a desktop pc.

All the drivers are updated, but I do not know what happens.

I already had this problem and I could solve it but I do not remember how

  • Re : Problem playing

    10. 16. 2017 11:42 PST


I would go directly to your graphic makers site. Load the latest. Also do the same for the Chipset.

Then if this doesnt work. Go back TWO driver issues. Yes install a driver that is older.

The other thing to do is just uninstall the game and reinstall it. Delete all NF, SDE, etc folders. Do this after it doesnt work reloafing different drivers.